Why Professional Beats DIY When It Comes to Your Headshots

by Linda McCarthy

When everyone has a camera on their cell phone—and often a pretty decent one—it can be easy to think you don’t need professional photos for anything and certainly not for your headshots. Can’t a friend just snap a good picture of you with their iPhone in Portrait Mode?

Well, you certainly could ask your friend to take your headshot, but if that friend is not a professional photographer, you definitely won’t get an image that conveys the right impression of you and your personal or professional brand.

If you choose to get professional headshots, you should do them right—hire a professional who can help you create the images you want.

Image is everything.

Professional headshots give off an impression of organization and expertise that a selfie or blurry photo from your company party just doesn’t. Whether you’re job hunting or trying to promote your own business, you want to give off the best possible impression with your headshot.

Think of your headshot as your own personal logo. It’s the quickest and simplest way to get noticed by everyone from potential employers to prospective clients. You wouldn’t sketch out a sloppy logo and post it to your social media and website. You’d hire a professional to create a logo that represents your company and the work you do. Shouldn’t you take the same time and care with your headshot?

A professional can get you the results you want.

Anyone can snap a quick photo, but if you want a high-quality image, then you need a professional headshot photographer. A pro knows their craft, everything from composition to lighting to editing your images, and they’ll ensure that you get the photos you want.

After all, you want people to hire you for your services because you’re a professional and the best at what you do. The same is true for your headshots: hire someone who has the skills and expertise to do the job and do it well.

Invest in your professional growth.

More than a financial investment, professional headshots are an investment in your future, whether it’s your career or a growing company you started yourself. Quality, eye-catching images can create a solid first impression for potential employers or clients who look you up and can even make them more likely to trust you and connect with you.

Professional headshots are about so much more than having an image for your LinkedIn or other social media profiles. They’re about putting your best face forward as you network and connect with potential employers and prospective clients, and a professional photographer can help you do that!

Visual Concepts Branding Photography provides professional headshots and branding  services for your business from our conveniently located studios on Route 424 in Davidsonville, MD, with easy access from the Greater Annapolis area, Baltimore and Washington, DC.  We can also provide on-location shoots.

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Why Personal Branding Photography Is a Must

by Visual Concepts Branding

If you’ve ever scrolled through the website or Instagram of a favorite influencer or brand, you may have noticed something that stands out: Their photos look amazing! That’s because the best brands recognize the importance of having authentic, high-quality images to represent their business.

Your brand is more than a logo or a color scheme. It’s what you offer and provide to your clients—how you can make their lives a little bit better. Your branding imagery shouldn’t be stock photos or quick images shot on a cell phone, but professional images that evoke emotion and trust.

If you’ve never had a professional branding photoshoot for your business, you’re missing out! There are so many ways you can use the images to market your brand and draw in potential clients.

You only have one chance at a first impression

The world moves faster all the time, and most people won’t spend too much time browsing a brand’s social media or website before they decide if they want to work with them. If a potential client visits your website or Instagram and just sees generic stock photos or grainy images, they’re more likely to look for someone else to meet their needs.

Professional, personalized branding images not only set you apart—they tell the story of who you are and what you have to offer. The way you present yourself and your brand in your images lets clients know exactly what to expect if they choose to work with you. And if your photos are authentic and stunning, they’ll be eager to sign up for the chance to talk to you!

Build trust through genuine images

A personal branding photoshoot is the perfect way to express your values and mission visually. Many people are visual learners, and while it’s also important to have written content on your website, your photos should express your identity in seconds. Authentic branding images allow visitors to feel a connection with you.

Genuine imagery also allows potential clients to develop a sense of trust in you—without ever having met or spoken to you! Professional photos encourage confidence and let anyone who sees them know that you care about your business and how you present yourself to your world. They can trust that you will care about them just as much and provide them with the products or services they need.

Demonstrate what makes you unique

The goal of personal branding photography is to show off what makes you different from your competitors. This can be what you offer to your clients, but it can also simply be you! As the face of your brand, you are the person people want to connect with. Most visitors to your website or social media profiles are looking for the face behind the business, the person they would speak with and work with if they booked your services.

Strong brand imagery gives these potential clients a solid reason to care about your brand and what you have to offer. By telling your story through personal branding photos, you’re inviting everyone—current and future customers alike—to be a part of that story.

Increase leads and sales

Professional photography not only makes your brand and website look better—it can also have a huge impact on your sales. Authentic imagery that tells the story of your brand can help improve your conversion rates and encourage more visitors to your website to take the next step and contact you or book your services.

Branding photography is versatile too. You can use it to update your website, but you can also use those images to boost your social media presence. Instead of struggling to come up with photos for your Instagram posts, you’ll have a whole library of images to choose from! By posting professional images regularly, you can increase your following on social media, expanding your audience and letting more people know about what you offer.

Personal branding photography is an investment in you and your business—a way to let the world know that you’re serious about making a difference and providing products and services that people will love. When you have authentic personal branding images that tell your story, more people will want to listen to what you have to say—and what you say is worth hearing!

Visual Concepts Branding can provide you with the professional branding images you need to grow your business.  Our farmhouse studio and gardens are conveniently located on Rte. 424 in Davidsonville, MD, with easy access from the Greater Annapolis Area, Baltimore and Washington DC.  We can also travel to your location for an on-site shoot.  Visual Concepts Branding serves clients in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Southern Maryland, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  

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Five Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots

by Visual Concepts Branding

Between TV and movies, the internet, and social media like Instagram and Snapchat, we live in an incredibly visual world. Images are an essential part of both our personal and professional lives, especially if you’re trying to create branding for your career or your own business.

That’s why professional headshots and branding images are so important. Whether it’s creating a strong avatar for your social media profiles or putting a face to your name for potential clients or employers, a headshot or branding image can give you the extra push you need to score that job or secure that client for your business.

headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding

You want to look professional.

The saying “You only get one chance at a first impression” is famous for a reason—it’s absolutely true! And no matter how experienced or qualified you are for a position, if you don’t appear professional, your chances of getting your dream job automatically decrease.

If you’re trying to promote your own business, a professional headshot or branding image can keep people on your site long enough to make a purchase or sign up for your services. When it comes to your website, you have a very limited amount of time to make a strong enough first impression to intrigue potential clients, so you have to impress!

You’ll use Them EVERYWHERE.

Think you don’t have use for a headshot or branding image? Think again. If you’re promoting your own business, you’ll need a headshot or branding image for every place you post content or information online. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, as well as your own website and blog and any sites where you contribute as a guest. People want to put a face to a name, and if you’re promoting yourself or your company, you want that face to look professional and skilled in your field.

headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding

You want to tell a story.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect position or seeking clients for your business, your headshot or branding image is the quickest way to tell the story of who you are and what you can do. A professional photographer can help your expertise and personality shine through your images. They’ll also help you choose a location that suits your field and the look you desire for your personal brand.

headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding
headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding

You want to make a strong introduction.

Any potential employer or client will check you out online before contacting you, so you want to represent yourself as intelligent, dedicated, and skilled. But you also want to be approachable, so it’s important to give prospects an idea of your personality and make sure you’re more than just a name in their eyes.

A professional headshot or branding image can help you do all these things and will serve as your introduction to everyone in your field, from potential clients to business partners to employers. To keep that introduction positive, you need a headshot or branding image that shows off how polished and professional you are. If you go with a selfie or a blurry cropped group photo, what impression does that give? If you don’t care about the impression you create, why would other people care about working with you?

You care about investing in your future.

Professional headshots and branding images are a financial investment, but they’re also an advancement in your career or business. Not only do they make you look good to prospects, but a high-quality headshot or branding image can also give you confidence in your own abilities. Prospects will see you as strong and well put-together, and you can start to see yourself that way as well!

headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding

When it comes to furthering your career or promoting your business, professional headshots and branding images are definitely worth the cost! They offer a major return on your investment by helping you to get clients, land your dream job, or help you find new professional opportunities.

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We specialize in branding and headshot photography. In today’s business market, advertising is mainly done through LinkedIn and social media. Now more than ever investing in a professional branding session elevates you, your staff and your business. Through visualization, your potential client can grasp who you are and what you stand for.

Our branding sessions are custom designed with you in mind starting with an in-depth consultation where we dig deep into how through visualization we can create images that align with your mission statement. 

headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding
headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding
headshot and branding images by Visual Concepts Branding


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